What Is Interior Design?

Nowadays, interior design is not just a job to decorate the house but a collection of functional requirements and spiritual needs. The function of the indoor environment design is not the only pursuance of people. More and more people pay attention to the combination of light, color, display, and compatibility with each other. Thus, the environment could reflect the owner’s connotation and taste.

The purpose of creating interior space is to provide a comfortable environment for people to live, work and study. Therefore, interior space has two basic functions.

  • The first is the function of use, including reasonable indoor space layout, area, transportation, division, ventilation, heat preservation, heat insulation, lighting, and other physical effects. All of these can satisfy people’s material requirements;
  • The other is the function of spiritual enjoyment, including color, display, decoration, atmosphere, and so on.

Excellent interior design must be the organic union of two functions above.

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